Slow Computer Repair Irving

Slow Computer Repair Irving

Are you waiting while computer is executing your last command? This is not the computer of this time then. I mean to say we computer should be fast. We should wait to give command to our computer not the computer to execute our command. Before we explain how to fix slow computer, lets explain what are the causes of slow computer.

The most common causes of slow computer are as follows:

  1. Computer is infected with virus or malware
  2. Very old computer running on hard disk drive or SSD.
  3. Very less storage space left on hard drive or your hard drive is almost full.
  4. Your hard drive may have corrupted or missing sector
  5. Your hard drive might be highly fragmented
  6. You may be low on RAM
  7. Your CPU may be slow.
  8. A lot of start up process running at the time of computer turn on.

We do following things to fix slow computer?

  1. Virus & Malware removal
  2. Hard drive upgrade
  3. RAM upgrade
  4. Computer tune up

What happens if computer is infected with virus or malware?

When computer gets infected with virus then a lot of pop ups and advertisement about virus comes onto browser. You might not be able to open any file or folder or you might not be able to exit  out of browser. In some case you may not be able to shut down your computer after virus attack on it. When virus attack you computer it causes a lot of unnecessary files to run in background. Since computer can’t process large amount of data at once, it’s processing power slows down.

Why does computer slows down when it gets old?
Computer holds OS and all data on hard drive. If you are using hard disk drive then it will only go good for 3-4 years. however, if you are using SSD, then it will go good for  6-7 years. This is because hard disk drive has mechanical rotating drive. Think this like a wall clock. Like second, minute, and hour pin rotates on clock, hard drive data reader head swing on hard drive platter. Over the time reader head and platter gets some scratches. Thus read and write of data on platter slows down. This is how computer slows down.

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