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Are you tired of taking your PC to repair shop every time? Does your program take longer than usual to load? Does your computer take extra time to boot up? Is your computer vulnerable to viruses? Did you lose your important data from your PC recently? Do you want to upgrade your Storage capacity? Remember us if one of these question sounds familiar! We will be more than happy to help you. We have years of experience solving issues mentioned above. Few things that we do almost every day are Virus and Spyware Removal, Antivirus Installation, PC Tune-Up, Operating System Configuration, Hard drive to SSD Upgrades, Custom Gaming Pc, Data Migration, Data Backups and recovery, Laptop Screen Repair, Hardware Installation, Memory Upgrade, Software Installation. Quick and affordable PC repair service in DFW area. We help you fix any issue with your PC.



RAM Upgrades

  • Computer RAM upgrade
  • Laptop RAM upgrade
  • Desktop RAM upgarde
  • Gaming PC RAM upgrade
  • DDR1 RAM upgrade
  • DDR2 RAM upgrade
  • DDR3 RAM upgrade
  • Macro Computer RAM Upgrade
  • Server RAM upgrade
  • Client RAM upgrade

RAM upgrades

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Processors can work on lightning speed, but hard disk drives are really slow. Your computer stores all the active running programs in RAM which provide fast access to processor. If your computer is slow while running multiple programs, you need to upgrade your ram. Any device any brand, we can get your computer working at its best. We upgrade RAM your configuration for optimum performance with your system configuration.

When do you need to upgrade your RAM?

  • you need ram upgrade if your applications run very slow
  • you need ram upgrade if you need more ram for new applications
  • you need ram upgrade if your computer takes long time to boot
  • you need ram upgrade if your videos play choppy
  • you need ram upgrade if your computer freezes or crashes frequently
  • you need ram upgrade if files & programs takes longer time to load
  • you need ram upgrade if you get “Free System memory” pop-ups

Acer RAM upgrades

We provide software and hardware services for all kinds of desktop and laptop computers. We can fix most device on same day. Let us know what issues you have with your computer and we will be right on it. We will keep you updated about the repair process. Some of the things we do almost every day are virus removal, anti-virus installation, password removal, installing Hard Disk Drive & Solid-State Drive, data migration, data recovery, Operating System installation and upgrades, memory upgrade. Fastest computer repair service in DFW area. We are more than happy to help you with any kind of computer services.

Frequently Asked Questions about RAM upgrades

Q:What’s the maximum ram that i can upgrade to?
A:We have to check your model number to find the maximum ram that your computer support. Please have your model number ready while calling us. It’s on the back of most laptops.

Q:Will my computer support new programs after ram upgrade?
A:Your computer will be able to run newer software that require higher ram but there are other specifications needed for software too. please check the software specifications to confirm.

Q:My computer was running well when i bought it. Why do i need ram upgrade now?
A:Newer software have more functionality and features that require more memory to run. Also, new operating systems and updates require more ram to load that could take up more space on ram.

Q:What is RAM upgrade?
A: RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is basically a fast chunk of memory used  to store programs that are running then. Upgrading RAM means getting more processing memory.

Q: Can I just add more RAM to my computer?
A: Yes, you can do that if you have exact same RAM model which came together with your computer. You also need to have free RAM slot to insert that RAM.

Q: Can I mix different RAM brands in one system?
A: Yes, you can do that as long as you have same model of RAM your system needs.

Q: How can I add more RAM to your computer?
A: First you need to find RAM slot in your computer. Its usually in Motherboard, just adjacent to the CPU socket. Find the same Model of RAM and insert it into the empty slot.

Q: Does low RAM slows down computer?
A: Yes, RAM is the main processing memory of computer. It it has more program to handle and has low memory to do so. Your computer might slow down.

Q: Why my computer is very slow ?
A: It can be because of various reasons. Viruses and malware makes computer slow. Low memory and program running in application is another reason of having slow computer. Old hard drive also makes computer to run slow. We will be able to help you if we exactly know what is the issue.

Q: How do I know if I need RAM upgrade in my computer ?
A: You might need to upgrade your RAM if you see some of the following symptoms:

    • if your applications run very slow.
    • if you need more ram for new applications.
    • if your computer takes long time to boot.
    • if your videos play choppy.
    • if you computer freezes or crashes frequently.
    • if files & programs takes longer time to load.
    • if you get “Free System memory” pop-ups.
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