Ram For Computers and Laptops

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What is RAM? How It Works?

RAM is a integral part of computer. RAM stands for random access memory. RAM is a volatile storage that means once computer is turned off , everything that is on  RAM right now will get lost or erased. you might be wondering, if everything on computer is lost or erased if we put information on RAM then why do we need RAM? This is here how RAM works. When you open your computer or laptop and search for, lets say computer repair near me, then you will get a page in front of you on computer or laptop screen. Without closing this window lets say you searched for another tab, laptop repair near me. In these two searches you get different pages or same pages. When you do so in  the background of your computer, OS commands CPU to fetch computer repair near me and laptop repair near me pages from server. Server is a computer at remote. When you close there two tabs that shows computer repair near me information and laptop repair near me then they get stored on computer hard drive for temporarily until you turn off your computer. Without turning off your computer if you open recently closed tabs then you will get your computer repair near me and laptop repair near me pages back. But, if you turn on your computer after you turn if off, you won’t be able to get back computer repair near me and laptop repair near me tabs.

How much RAM do I need?

The amount of RAM you need depends on the demand of your computer, and your need. However, computer should have capacity to hold that much amount of RAM. Normally, all new computers comes with at least 4 GB of RAM. If you want to use a lot of windows or tabs at a time then 4gb of RAM wont be enough. You wont be able to run heavy programs like photoshop, video editing tools, games at the same time. In this case instead of buying new computer, upgrading RAM is smart way.

What are the types of RAM, and What type of RAM do I need?

RAM can be of different types. One type of RAM is not compatible with other types. There are four types of DRAM. They are DDRR1 RAM, DDR2 RAM, DDR3 RAM, and DDR4 RAM. Consult to our technician for right type and capacity of RAM.