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GeeksStop is an IT company providing services to individuals, business, schools, hospitals in DFW. We have been helping residents of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with their IT problems, ensuring a fast and quality service on laptop repairs, data recovery, hardware and software services, and office IT services. Our passion for technology makes us different from other technicians, we love what we do. GeeksStop will come directly to your home or office to provide quick and convenient services at an affordable price. Some of the services that we provide to our clients are hard disk drive upgrade for faster laptop experience, virus removal and antivirus installation for secure computing, data recovery and migration services and all kinds of laptop repairs. If you have any concerns and questions about your laptops, feel free to contact us through phone, online or give us a visit at our nearest location. We are located near DFW area. We offer services on your laptop same day, next day, after hours, and business day.


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New Peripheral Setup

  • Peripheral setup guide
  • New peripheral setup
  • Server device Setup
  • Setup peripheral devices at home
  • Wifi stick peripheral device setup
  • Custom peripheral device setup
  • Computer peripheral device setup
  • Printer & other device component Setup
  • External peripheral device setup

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We guarantee Same day service on your PC

Our device setup service start with analyzing your requiments and understanding your expectations and finishes with a complete setup and cleanup. We work with our clients to find the best solutions for your requirements in best price available. We work on any kind of device setup as per client requirement. We also provide home and office service to make everything ready at your place. Our certified technicians have experience working on diffrent types of machines and setting up most device avilable on market. We analyze your requirements, find the best equipment that matches your requirements and install, configure and test it for great results.

Device Setup Services include:

  • Input peripheral device setup
  • Output peripheral device setup
  • Network peripheral device setup
  • Bluetooth peripheral device setup
  • On-site device setup
  • Peripheral hardware setup
  • Custom pc design
  • Gaming pc design

device setup Geeksstop

If you have any electronic device that has problems booting up, beeps unnecessarily, shows various warning notifications or the input output ports don’t response, let us help you service your device and make it function fully with greater speed and efficiency. Get the best out of your old computer and save on buying a new one unless you completely need it. Let us get started on your computer now. You will be amazed to see what your computer can do.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of device setup you do ?
A: We setup new PC, network, server, printer in network, home cameras, TV mounting and many more.

Q: What are the device component of a computer ?
A: Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard Disk Drive, CD/DVD drive, graphics card.

Q: Can I bring my own device parts for setup or I need to buy there?
A: You can do either way convenient for you. You can bring your parts which you want to install or direct walk in to ask specific parts you want.

Q: What is device configuration ?
A: Setting up different device components to make a complete system is called device configuration. We provide all kind of device configuration services here.

Q: How long does it take to setup a new PC?
A: It depends what parts you have and where you want the service. However, on average it takes around 30-60 minutes to setup a new PC.

Q: Do you setup device in offices ?
A: Yes, we provide device setup service in Home, office, and on-site.

Q: Do you provide device component upgrade service?
A: Yes, we also provide custom upgrade service as per the requirement of client within the same day.

Q: Do you provide device setup service in same day ?
A: Yes, we provide device setup service as same day service as long as you have parts. If you want us to bring parts with us then it might take little longer depending on the availability of parts in the market.

Q: How much do you charge for installing hardware?
A: We have hourly charge rates for device installation depending on the level of job.

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