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Its You Who Can Decide , Who Can Repair Your Device, But Its We Who Can Guarantee Excellent Service , and Satisfaction With Every Repair!!

Are you looking for alternative to Apple in Dallas City for Apple device repair? If yes, Geeks Stop might be the one you should try first. You may have question why Geeks Stop? We provide same service as Apple provides in affordable cost. We have years-long experienced Apple Certified technician who are helping customers at cheaper price than apple. This is why we get most of the customers who comes back from Apple.

We provide service to most of the Apple devices. We service following apple devices in daily basis:

  • iMac Repair –retina or non-retina
  • MacBook Repair
  • MacBook Pro Repair
  • MacBook Air Repair
  • Mac Mini Repair
  • Mac Pro Repair

Our Top 10 Services:

  1. Battery Replacement
  2.  Screen Replacement
  3. Hard Disk  Drive Replacement
  4. SSD Upgrade
  5. RAM Replacement
  6. RAM Upgrade
  7. Complete Virus Removal and Quarantine
  8. Diagnostic and Fix of Complicated Issues.
  9. Computer or Laptop not Turning on After liquid Damage
  10.  Computer  Do Not Turn On After Water Spill

In terms of look, performance, and durability apple computers are one of the best make. You can be able to run windows as well as MAC OS on apple computers. However, apple computers are generally expensive in comparison to other makes of computers.Also, parts of Apple computers are generally expensive so to repair Apple computers it might cost more than to repair windows pc. However Geeks Stop is providing affordable computers and laptop repair to Apple devices. Like in other brands of computers Apple computers also come across various problems over the time. Some problems can be like, Hard drive failure, RAM failure, Screen broken, keyboard broken, trackpad not working, black screen, screen or display stuck at apple logo, computers stuck at progress bar, compute gets infected with virus, computers sometimes doesn’t shows hard drive, spinning bitch ball. Other than this you might get various error message, an error occur while preparing installation, you can’t open application because it is not supported in this type of mac, mac OS need to repair library to run this application,kernel driver not installed, internal error,require iTune component is not installed.Our experienced Apple certified will take care of your device. We provide affordable, fast, and quality service in Irving, MacArthur, Las Colinas.

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