iPhone® Screen Replacement near Coppell, Texas 75099

Broken Screen Repair for iPhone® by Geeks Stop, Irving, Texas

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Geeks Stop provides all kind of services needed for iPhone® 3G, for iPhone® 3GS, for iPhone® 4G, for iPhone® 5G, for iPhone® 5S, for iPhone® 5C, for iPhone® 6, for iPhone® 6 plus, for iPhone® 7, for iPhone® 7 plus, for iPhone® 8, for iPhone® 8+, for iPhone® X, for iPhone® Xs max, for iPhone® XR.

Cellphone bad screen, screen light fails, possibly CCFL failure

iPhone® Screen Replacement Service near Coppell, Texas 75099

iPhones® are great cell phone devices, they have beautiful design, powerful processing capacity, friendly user interface, fast connectivity but are equally fragile. The beautiful elegant glass screen are very prone to drops. Keeping the iPhone®s in cover is a good way to keep the damage to minimum. However if your screen is cracked, you might need to replace it even if it functional as the broken screen could extend more damages or cut your fingers. Replacing a iPhone® screen is done best by Geeks Stop. We have apple certified technicians who have years of experience and work in a professional manner. We always use a screen that’s meant for your specific iPhone® model and our replacement screens are of high standard in the industry. we provide an in-house hassle free warranty on the screen replacements. We are located in a easy to access location in Irving north of state highway 183 and O’Connor. We can get your devices working in no time with satisfaction guaranteed.

Why iPhone® Screen replacement at Geeks Stop is a wise choice?

  1. Warranty: We use quality parts and apply ESD guidelines in our repairs. So, we are confident that the screen we replace won’t give you any problems. Therefore, we share this confidence with you by providing you a 90 days hassle free warranty on all the iPhone® screen replacement.
  2. Quality parts: We use high quality iPhone® screen replacement parts that are made for your iPhone® model specifically, so the screens perform best on your phone. Our replacement screen for iPhone® work flawlessly. We work to give you back the apple experience that you deserver. Our replacement parts perform better and last longer than cheap parts installed by most competitors.
  3. Privacy: When iPhone®s have become a most used gadget in our daily life. When you come to replace your iPhone® screen, you don’t just hand over your iPhone® but all you data like credit card informations, digital payments, passwords, emails, photos. We handle your data with utmost priority and never access or copy your data. Our client’s are confident about our data privacy policy so they prefer us over some repair shop around the corner.
  4. Fast Service: Need a screen replacement but don’t have time? You have come to the right place, we understand you need your phone for what you do. So, we replace your iPhone® screen in less than 30 minutes.
  5. Awesome Rates: We have the most competitive rates for iPhone® screen replacement in Irving, Texas. We provide quality screen, experienced technicians and hassle free warranty all in a very competitive rates in the market.
  6. Convenient location: We are located in the heart of Irving, TX. We are in Artesian plaza north of O’Connor and state highway 183 with plenty of parking space. You won’t have any problem to find us or a parking spot close to the store.

iPad Screen Replacment by Geeks Stop

iPhone®s are the most hands tech available to you. They are beast of a machine in your hand, have excellent display, graphic processing, fast communication with LTE and wifi but they are equally fragile in nature. Newer iPhone® device have glass screen and a glass back too, making it extremely elegant and fragile at same time. When you are sick, you want to go to a doctor who is experienced, have medical degree. Same way when your iPhone® screen is broken and needs a replacement, you want to go to Geeks Stop because we have Apple certified technicians working on your iPhone® to provide a flawless iPhone®  experience back to you by replacing your iPhone® screen.

Repair For iPhone® near Coppell, Texas 75099 : Same Day repair service for iPhone®

  • Screen Replacement  Service for iPhone 5SE® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement Service for iPhone 5® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone 6® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone 6® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone 6S® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone 6S® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone 7® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone 7 Plus® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone 8® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone 8 Plus® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone X® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone XR® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone XS® Irving.
  • Screen Replacement for iPhone Xs Max® Irving.


Our team of certified technicians have years of experiences and valuable knowledge from providing Repair Services and IT Support around DFW. Call us or visit us at one of our stores in DFW to receive impartial advice about your device. We will inform you about the the repairs we will be performing on your device and the possible upgrades to make it perform as smooth as ever.
Our services are Virus Removal, Anti-Virus Installation, Installing HDD & SSD, Data Migration, Data Recovery, OS installation and Upgrades, Memory Upgrade. Fastest Computer Repair Service around Irving, Texas area. We can help you with all your IT needs at your convenience.

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Still have a broken iPhone® screen? Broken iPhone® screen doesn’t only hamper the use of the device but also cause slow damage to your phone. Your phone is exposed to liquid or dust when your phone screen is damaged. Moreover, it could cut your fingers. It is wise to get your screen replaced instantly, even if your device is functional. Get the device you use everyday and is closest to you, working the way you prefer. Geeks Stop help the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth to get their broken iPhone® screen replaced, so that you can enjoy a smooth responsive touch, movies and pictures as they were originally intended. No matter how bad your screen is, our technicians have seen it all and fixed it.

30 minutes iPhone® repair service near Coppell, Texas 75099. Get your iPhone® Screen Replacement Today!!

iPhone® Screen Replacement by Geeks Stop

No More Broken iPhone® Screen .

Our iPhone® Screen Replacement Services:

  • iPhone® cracked screen repair near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • Broken iPhone® screen and no touch response repair near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • White/black spots on iPhone® screen fix near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • iPhone® screen with lines repair near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • Dim iPhone® lcd repair and fix near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • iPhone® screen problem after liquid damage repair near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • iPhone® ghost click repair near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • Complete iPhone® lcd failure repair near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • Partial display on iPhone® repair near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • No display on iPhone® repair near Coppell, Texas 75099
  • Distorted color display iPhone® repair near Coppell, Texas 75099

Repair for iPhone® Irving

iPhone® Screen replacement symptoms:

  • Bleeding iPhone® screen
  • white/black spots on iPhone® screen
  • unresponsive touch
  • distorted color
  • crack in iPhone® screen
  • unwanted touch response
  • partial screen not working
  • full screen not working
  • dim screen


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have an iPhone® with cracked screen , how long does it take to replace screen ?
A: We replace iPhone® screen in 15-30 minutes. so you can relax in our lounge and read some magazine while we replace your screen and test it for complete functionality.

Q: I dropped my iPhone® in the pool, half of the screen is not working now, can you fix that please?
A: Yes, If you have a liquid damage, it could cause problems in the screen. We will try to clean the liquid and test your iPhone® or replace the screen to fix the problem.

Q: My iPhone® dropped from my hand has broken screen, do you replace the screen?
A: Yes, We do replace iPhone® screen. Please give us a call with your iPhone® model and the color of your iPhone® to get a quote on your iPhone® screen replacement and an appointment for fast service.

Q: Will my data be safe?
A: Yes, your data is in safe hands, we won’t ask your for your passcode unless required for testing purposes, you can also choose to test your device in front of you. However, we advise you strongly to back up your data before brining your devices for repairs.

Q: When I replace my iPhone® screen, will I get a warranty?
A: Yes, we provide a warranty on your iPhone® screen replacement. You will have a 90 days warranty on your iPhone® repairs. You can bring in your device with in 90 days for any problems with your screen

Q: Is this an apple store for iPhone® repairs?
A: No, we have apple certified technicians who work on your device but we are an independent service provider.

Q: What’s covered in the iPhone® screen replacement warranty?
A: The iPhone® screen replacement warranty covers all the manufacturing defects on the screen. However, it doesn’t cover any accidental damages like drops, liquid damage, damage due to pressure on the screen.

Q: My iPhone® screen is dim, what’ the problem?
A: Then problem is most probably coming from your screen itself or from the board. Please bring in your device for a diagnostics, we will be able to tell your more about it after running a diagnostics on your iPhone®.

Q: How do I know if I need a new iPad Screen?
A: You need a new iPhone® screen If you have one of the following problems:

  • ghost click
  • dim screen
  • no display*
  • cracked screen
  • no touch functionality
  • half screen not responsive
  • bleeding lcd

Q: How to replace iPhone® Screen

A: You can follow following steps to replace iPhone® screen:

Note: The procedure requires enough experience and skill. Do it at your own risk. You are completely liable for the repair done following our guidelines:

  1. Unscrew two pentalobe screw in the bottom of the iPhone® (by the home button).
  2. Open the iPhone® screen from the edges using suction cup and a plastic knife.
  3. Unscrew the screws from the internal bracket shield for display, battery and camera connector flex.
  4. Remove the screen from the board by detaching the flex.
  5. Remove camera, proximity sensor, speaker, home button from the old screen.
  6. Test the new screen by connecting to the iPhone®.
  7. Attach the camera, home button, proximity sensor, speaker to the new screen.
  8. Screw the internal bracket shield in place.
  9. Test the new screen for full functionality.
  10. Clean any residual glues from the iPhone® housing.
  11. Fit in the screen starting from top to bottom.
  12. Screw the pentalobe screw in the bottom.
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