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iPhone Charging Port Replacement

iPhone stops charging when there is any blockage at the charging port, in that case charging port need to be replaced. But not charging problem is not only related to charging port. Sometimes your battery may have gone bad and it doesn’t hold any charge. In this case even if you charge your iPhone for long time your iPhone wont turn on. Before you consider changing charging port, you should try to charge your iPhone with good known charger. If it doesn’t work then try to clean charging port dirt or dust. Then think about battery, open iPhone and check if battery is swollen or has any dents or scratches. To verify your charging port is bad one thing you can do is check ampere supply to the iPhone using voltmeter.

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  1. iPhone charging port replacement in Irving Texas
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  4. iPhone Battery replacement repair Irving Texas
  5. iPhone Not Charging repair Irving Texas
  6. iPhone Not Turning On repair Irving Texas
  7. iPhone Liquid or Water damage repair Irving Texas
  8. iPhone Locked repair Irving Texas
  9. iPhone Not Holding Power repair Irving Texas
  10.  iPhone Home Button Not Working repair Irving Texas
  11. iPhone Data Recovery repair Irving Texas
  12. iPhone iTune Problem repair Irving Texas
  13. iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo repair Irving Texas
  14. iPhone Touch Not Working and more…

We provide one day iPhone repair service for most of the problems.

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How to Solve Common iPhone Problems

  1. How to Fix iPhone Not Turning on Problem?

If your iPhone is not turning on then there might be various issues. Your screen may be damaged , battery may be bad, charging port may be bad so that its not charging and nothing coming up. You may need to iPhone screen replacement If your screen shows horizontal or vertical lining, you may need screen replacement if your screen is cracked, you may need screen replacement if you screen is broken, you may need screen replacement if your iPhone is not turning on, you may need screen replacement if there are any glitches on screen, your may need screen replacement if touch is not working or home button is not working on iPhone.

2. How much does it cost to repair iPhone?

  The cost of repair for iPhone depends on the type of problem your computer have. Normally none of the iPhone problem’s repair cost goes too high. Geeks stop provides high quality iPhone repair service  with minimum cost.

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