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iPad Screen replacement service by Geeks Stop, Irving, Texas near Coppell

GeeksStop is an IT company providing services to individuals, business, schools, hospitals in DFW. We have been helping residents of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with their IT problems, ensuring a fast and quality service on laptop repairs, data recovery, hardware and software services, and office IT services. Our passion for technology makes us different from other technicians, we love what we do. GeeksStop will come directly to your home or office to provide quick and convenient services at an affordable price. Some of the services that we provide to our clients are hard disk drive upgrade for faster laptop experience, virus removal and antivirus installation for secure computing, data recovery and migration services and all kinds of laptop repairs. If you have any concerns and questions about your laptops, feel free to contact us through phone, online or give us a visit at our nearest location. We are located near DFW area. We offer services on your laptop same day, next day, after hours, and business day.

We have screens for iPad® , iPad® 2, iPad® 3, iPad® 4, iPad® 5, iPad® Air, iPad® Air  2, iPad® mini, iPad® Pro 9.7”, iPad® 6, iPad® mini, iPad® mini 2, iPad® mini 3, iPad® mini 4, iPad® Pro 10.5”, iPad® Pro 12.9” available to be replaced promptly. In most cases, our turnaround time for iPad® screen replacement is about an hour in most cases. If your iPad® screen is broken, give us a call  with your iPad® model and ask us for a quote and time for appointment.

We provide all kind of service and support for Dell®, for Toshiba®, for HP®, for ASUS®, for Acer®, for Samsung®, for Gateway®, for Lenovo®, for IBM®, for MSI®, for Gaming computers, for Alienware®, for Apple® and for many other brands available in the market including iPad® models iPad® , iPad® 2, iPad® 3, iPad® 4, iPad® 5, iPad® Air, iPad® Air 2, iPad® mini, iPad® Pro 9.7”, iPad® 6, iPad® mini, iPad® mini 2, iPad® mini 3, iPad® mini 4, iPad® Pro 10.5”, iPad® Pro 12.9”

iPad® Screen Replacement for all iPad® models by Geeks Stop, Irving, Texas

iPad® Screen Replacement Service Irving

Are your looking for a place to get your iPad® screen replacement? We provide a fast convenient and affordable iPad® replacement service in the living area. If you iPad® is broken and needs a new screen for the complete grand iPad® experience then feel free to bring your device in for a quick screen replacement service. We stand behind our repairs and screen replacement for iPad®s, so we provide an in-house hassle free warranty on the screen replacements. We are located in a easy to access location in Irving north of state highway 183 and O’ Connor. We can get your devices working in no time with satisfaction guaranteed.

Why iPad® Screen replacement at Geeks Stop is a wise choice?

  1. Warranty: We are confident about our repairs, so we provide a hassle free warranty on the screen that we replace.
  2. Quality parts: We use highest standard replacement parts like screens, battery to  provide a flawless experience. Our replacement parts perform better and last longer than cheap parts installed by most competitors.
  3. Privacy : When you come to replace your iPad® screen replacement, you leave your iPad® with your valuable data like pictures, contacts, messages. We keep up to your trust and keep all your data safe. We don’t access/store your data. Our client’s are confident in your services so they prefer us over some repair shop around the corner.
  4. Fast Service: We have a wide range of part of various iPad®s including iPad® 1, iPad® 2, iPad® 3, iPad® 4, iPad® Air, iPad® Air 2, iPad® mini, iPad® pro, iPad® 6th generation, iPad® 5th generation in our stock. So, we can provide a fast same day iPad® screen replacement service for you.
  5. Awesome Rates: We have a competitive screen replacement rates. Having a broken iPad® is enough to worry about, we don’t want you working about the rates for the iPad® screen replacement as we have most affordable prices in Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  6. Convenient location: We are located in the heart of Irving, TX. We are in Artesian plaza north of O’Connor and state highway 183 with plenty of parking space. You won’t have any problem to find us or a parking spot close to the store.

iPad® Screen Replacment by Geeks Stop

While iPad®s are extremely powerful and convenient, in the other hand it is very fragile too. iPad® screens are made from glass that could be easily cracked from small drops. Moreover, it could cause bleeding lcds, unresponsive touch, white spots on lcd. Everyone knows that screen replacement for iPad®s with no insurance or warranty could be an expensive thing to do. Even with the expensive repair, it’s hard to find a trustworthy place to get your iPad® screen replaced properly without any further problems. However, people of Irving, Texas are lucky to have Geeks Stop nearby in Artesian plaza to fix their device in reasonable cost with a warranty.

iPad Screen Replacement Service by Geeks Stop Irving, Texas

Most iPad® Screen replacement can be done within an hour. You can relax in our comfortable lounge while your iPad® screen is replaced by one of our certified techs. You won’t have to wait long as our tech are experienced in iPad® screen replacement. They will take the screen out, put the new screen, test your device thoroughly and hand you over your device in less than an hour. However screen for some latest and old legacy devices might not be available in the site, in which case the techs at geeks stop will give you an estimated time for repair first and get the high quality compatible screen for your iPad® model specifically and replace it. We will update about your iPad® screen replacement process if you choose to leave the device here.

Our team of certified technicians have years of experiences and valuable knowledge from providing Repair Services and IT Support around DFW. Call us or visit us at one of our stores in DFW to receive impartial advice about your device. We will inform you about the the repairs we will be performing on your device and the possible upgrades to make it perform as smooth as ever.

Our services are Virus Removal, Anti-Virus Installation, Installing HDD & SSD, Data Migration, Data Recovery, OS installation and Upgrades, Memory Upgrade. Fastest Computer Repair Service around Irving, Texas area. We can help you with all your IT needs at your convenience.

Repair for iPad Irving Dallas Geeks Stop Irving
Repair service for dead iPad Irving

Same Day iPad® Screen Replacement Service in Irving: Bring Today! Take Today!

iPad® Screen Replacement by Geeks Stop, Irving, Texas

No More Broken iPad® Screen.

Our iPad® Screen Replacement Services:

  • iPad® Screen cracked but not affecting touchscreen functionality fix coppell
  • Cracked iPad® glass affecting touchscreen functionality fix coppell
  • Cracked iPad® glass with bleeding screen fix coppell
  • Cracked iPad® screen with lines or white spots in the lcd fix coppell
  • Dim iPad® lcd repair and fix coppell
  • iPad® screen problem after liquid damage coppell
  • Ghost click on iPad® screen repair coppell
  • Complete failure of lcd due to drops/spills coppell
  • iPad® no display on screen repair service coppell

iPad® Screen Repair For Apple iPad® in Dallas irving Texas Geeks Stop Irving

iPad® Screen replacement symptoms:

  • Bleeding liquid crystals in iPad® lcd.
  • Spots on iPad® screen.
  • Unresponsive touch.
  • LCD color change.
  • Saturated color in iPad® lcd.
  • Small/big cracks affecting/not affecting touch functions.
  • Ghost clicks in iPad®.
  • Partial screen touch functions affected.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have an iPad® with cracked screen , how long does it take to replace screen ?
A: In most cases, it takes less than an hour to replace the iPad® screen. However, some models might take a bit longer. Please have your iPad® model ready when you give us a call for precise time for your specific iPad®.

Q: My iPad® screen has color overlay, there is pink color on my screen, do you fix that?
A: Yes, we do fix all the problems with your iPad® screen, the problem with your iPad® could be a loose flex cable or it might need a screen replacement. When you bring your device, our technicians will diagnose the device to find the problem with your device.

Q: How much does the iPad® screen replacement cost?
A: iPad® screen replacement depends on the model of the iPad® you have. Smaller iPad® like iPad® mini and iPad® mini 2 screens cost lesser than bigger iPad® screens like iPad® Pro 12.9″.

Q: Will my data be safe?
A: Yes, your data is in safe hands, we won’t ask your for your passcode unless required for testing purposes, you can also choose to test your device in front of you. However, we advise you strongly to back up your data before brining your devices for repairs.

Q: Do you provide warranty on your iPad® screen repairs?
A: Yes, we provide a 90 days warranty on the iPad® screen. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the screen but doesn’t cover any accidental damages like drops, liquid damage, damage due to high pressure on screen.

Q: Are you Apple center for iPad® repairs ?
A: No, We have Apple Certified technicians who have years of experience working in Apple devices. We are not an Apple store.

Q: I saw a detailed video on how to replace iPad® screen? Could I replace it myself?
A: Yes, they are many videos on youtube on how to replace iPad® screen but those videos are made by professional who have experience. iPad® have very small parts assembled together in a compact manner, a single part misplaced could cause more damage to your iPad®. iPad® store all your information, contacts, entertainment, so give it the care it deserves by getting it’s screen replaced at Geeks Stop.

Q: Can I bring my own iPad® screen for repairs?
A: Yes, you can bring your own iPad® screen for replacement, we will charge you a flat labor fee for installing iPad® screen on your iPad®. However, we will not provide any warranty on the repair as the warranty covers the screen not the service itself.

Q: How do I know if I need a new iPad® Screen?
A: You can some of these sign if your compute has virus:

  • Ghost click
  • Dim screen
  • No display*
  • Cracked screen
  • No touch functionality
  • Half screen not responsive
  • Bleeding lcd

Q: How to replace iPad® Screen ? 

A: You can follow following steps to remove computer viruses:

  1. Heat the edges of your iPad® carefully to detach the iPad® screen. Be careful of the hot surface and broken glass.
  2. Remove camera, home button, proximity sensor, speaker from the old iPad® screen. Be careful as these parts are very fragile and small.
  3. Attach the camera, home button, proximity sensor, speaker to the new screen.
  4. Test the new screen for functionality.
  5. Clean the old glue from the housing of the iPad® and apply the new glue to set the iPad® screen.
  6. Attach the new screen and let it set for an hour, your iPad® is ready to use.
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