iPad Repair Service Irving

ipad repair service irving

We repair all models of Apple iPads. We repair iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad. iPad screen cracks most often. Even with a small fall iPad’s screen are much vulnerable to crack and break. The most efficient way to avoid this is by using good quality screen and protective cover. Protective cover helps a lot to prevent iPad damage from minor fall. Another most common problem that comes with iPad is battery. If your device is exposed to high heat , fire or water then it might reduce battery life. If battery is exposed to water then it cause swollen batter and affect cell pack inside it.

We provide high quality iPad repair service with minimum cost.

The most common common services we provide with iPad repair are:

  1. iPad broken screen replacement
  2. iPad battery replacement
  3. iPad charging port replacement
  4. iPad broken LCD replacement
  5. iPad touch screen problem servicing
  6. iPad home button Service
  7. iPad internet service
  8. iPad charging issue fix
  9. iPad not turning on fix
  10. iPad data recovery
  11. iPad stuck on Apple logo fix
  12. iPad liquid damage fix

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How much does it costs to repair iPad screen?
    iPad screen repair cost varies according to model. Normally iPad screen replacement starts from 90 dollars.
  2. How much does it costs for iPad battery replacement?

    High quality iPad battery starts with 80 dollars. Please provide us iPad model           number or serial number to get approximate price for your device.

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