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Hard Drive Replacement, Upgrade to SSD

Before you decide that you are going to need  SSD or hard drive for your computer you need to consider following things.

How much Storage do you need on your computer or laptop?
If you use your computer for personal use just like browsing internet, store pictures, watching youtube movies then 500 gb would be enough for you. The more storage you need on your computer or laptop the more it will cost. Our technician will help you to decide how much storage you need on your computer or laptop.
What is the purpose of hard drive upgrade or hard drive replacement?
If you just think hard drive replacement will make your slow computer run fast, then you should consider other rest of the computer hardware and software are running good. Hard drive itself may not help you to get desired speed if you have not enough RAM, not enough CPU speed. Virus or malware infection can also cause laptop or computer run slow. A lot of background process may have been running without your knowledge. So get help from our technician before you decide to replace hard drive for speed.

What type or kind of hard drive do you need?
Hard drive type can be described on the basis of size as well as on the basis of their speed. All hard drive are not compatible on every laptops or computers. Some computer take 2.5 inch hard drive while some other takes 3.5 inch hard drive. So before you order any hard drive you must know what size of hard drive  your computer can take. Another thing you must be knowledgable about is whether you should go with SSD or with Hard disk drive. These two are different in terms of speed, cost, and durability. Older computer and fewer new computers comes with hard disk drive are slower than the computer or laptop that comes with SSD. Hard disk drive has mechanical moving parts that takes more time to read and write data into hard disk drive whereas SSD does not have any mechanical moving parts and so read and write operation is faster in SSD. This makes clear that if you need faster computer or pc you must go with SSD. However, storage capacity depends on how much storage you wants. The more storage you wants the more it will cost. Another thing is, there are various type of SSD. There can be M.2 SATA SSD or NVMe SSD. The computer or laptop that takes NVMe might not take M.2 SATA SSD and vice-versa. Do not worry about all these things, our technician will help to choose right Hard drive for your device.


Note- Talk to our certified technician for right type or hard drive for your device.