Hard Drive Data Recovery Irving


Did you accidentally wipe out or format your hard drive? Do you have problem finding data on your hard drive? Do you get cracking sound on your computer. All these are related to hard drive. Hard drive are of two types. Hard disk drive and SSD. We provide simple to comprehensive data recovery on any types of hard drive.

We recover data from:

  1. Hard disk drive
  2. Solid State Drive
  3. Flash Storage
  4. Memory Card
  5. M.2 SATA SSD
  7. Mobile Devices
  8. RAID Recovery

We provide Three levels of data recovery serv

    1. Level 1 Data Recovery

Under this category, following cases falls:

Formatting your hard drive

Boot Virus Infection

Restoring the operating system

2. Level 2 Data Recovery

                      Under this category, following cases falls:

Defective PCB or Printed Circuit Board

Corruption to the hard drive

 Drive’s firmware corruption

Excessive read errors or hard media defects that are not the result of weak or bad heads.

Hard Drive Overwrite

File encryption or Hard drive encryption


3. Level 3 Data Recovery

                       Under this category, following cases falls:

Damaged heads and disks

Seized or non-spinning spindle motors

Stiction, where the heads have become stuck to the disks

Fire or water damage

Dropped, knocked over, bumped, or physically abused hard drives

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