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Virus/Spyware Removal 

Is your PC infected by viruses? We are here to help you removal all your viruses on your laptop, notebook or desktop computer. Our technicians will throughly remove your viruses and clean your PC, repair System Files, and Update your computer to best version, for security and performance. Our virus removal service will get your computer working more securly and efficeiently. It’s a great way to secure your computer from unwanted guest lurking in your computer. Visit Virus Removal Coppell, Geeks stop for express virus removal service in Irving today.

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HardDrive Upgrade 

Everyone uses computer for different tasks. We understand that you requirements are unique and require custom machine to match your work. We analyze your requirements and provide upgrades to your new or old devices. We provide upgrades on most machines available in the market. You can bring your own parts for upgrades or we can get them for you. We help make any changes on your PC to make it work its best with quick and affordable service. Any upgrades to an existing computer, or building custom gaming PC from scratch, Geek at geeksstop are always ready to help. Visit HardDrive Upgrade Coppell, Geeks stop for express hard drive upgrade service in Irving today.

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Solid State Drive

Anti-Virus Installation

An antivirus software prevents and secure your computer from multiple threats like: worms, trojans, malware, rootkits. Block Viruses! stay safe, get your Anti-virus today. We provide express service installing Anti-virus and making your computer safe. It’s very easy for anyone to become victim of malicious software, phishing attacks which could lead to identity theft, huge amount in ransoms and more. Antivirus Software identifies these kinds of malicious sites or software and secures you, your data and your computer.Visit Anti-Virus Installation Coppell, Geeks stop for express Anti-Virus Installation service in Irving today.

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Password Removal

Did you forget your password? Yes, it happens sometime! We are here to help you. We remove your forgotten password from your PC running any operating system. We also help you bypassing any hard disk drive with password. Whether you have a old computer with password or a flashdrive that you need to recover, feel free to call us. Visit Password Removal Coppell, Geeks stop for express Password Removal service in Irving today.

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Operating System Configuration

The operating system is working relentless to manage all your resources. However, sometimes there are errors in registry, operating system components are corrupted and your Operating system might need a repair itself. If your computer have frequent crashes, blue screen of death, missing operating system or no bootable device message. You have come to the right place. We deal with this every day. We can examine your computer and repair it. If  you decide to Install a new Operating System and give your Computer a new life, we will install a fresh copy of Operating System that matches with your hardware. We will also install drivers in the Operating System to get all peripherial devices working. Installing new Operating System will get your computer working more efficiently and running all the programs without lags on your Computer. Visit Operating System Configuration Coppell, Geeks stop for express Operating System Configuration service in Irving today.

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