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Are you tired of taking your PC to repair shop every time? Does your program take longer than usual to load? Does your computer take extra time to boot up? Is your computer vulnerable to viruses? Did you lose your important data from your PC recently? Do you want to upgrade your Storage capacity? Remember us if one of these question sounds familiar! We will be more than happy to help you. We have years of experience solving issues mentioned above. Few things that we do almost every day are Virus and Spyware Removal, Antivirus Installation, PC Tune-Up, Operating System Configuration, Hard drive to SSD Upgrades, Custom Gaming Pc, Data Migration, Data Backups and recovery, Laptop Screen Repair, Hardware Installation, Memory Upgrade, Software Installation. Quick and affordable PC repair service in DFW area. We help you fix any issue with your PC.


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Desktop solution DFW

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We provide all kinds of computer repair service here at Geeksstop. Some services are PC repair, RAM upgrade, Harddrive to SSD upgrade, password removal custom PC, laptop repair, notebook repair, macro computer repair and any other hardware or software issue. Remember us for Express computer repair service here in DFW area.


We provide Software and Hardware Services for all kinds of desktop and laptop computers. We can fix most device on same day. Let us know what issues you have with your computer and we will be right on it. We will keep you updated about the repair process. Some of the activity we do almost every day are Virus Removal, Anti-Virus Installation, Password Removal, Installing HDD & SSD, Data Migration, Data Recovery, OS installation and Upgrades, Memory Upgrade. Fastest Computer Repair Service in DFW area. We are more than happy to help you with any kind of Computer services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I keep my computer away from viruses?

A: Do not download softwares from third party websites, keep your system up-to-date, use an anti-virus, do not plug-in any infected storage medias.

Q: Does low RAM slows down computer?

A: Yes, RAM is the main processing memory of computer. It it has more program to handle and has low memory to do so. Your computer might slow down.

Q: Does formatting remove viruses?

A: Yes, you can remove viruses by formatting your computer. But you must also know that formatting also remove all your files and applications from your hard drive. At the same time formatting does remove virus but does not protect your computer from viruses. There is equal chance that it will be infected again.

Q: How much do you charge for diagnostics ? 

A: It depends on what device you have and what kind of issue you have with your device. Call us with serial number of your device and issue. We will help you.

Q: Do I need to re-install operating system after formatting ?

A: Yes, you need to re-install operating system if you have formatted the volume containing operating system.

Q: Does anti-virus remove virus ?

A: Yes, if your anti-virus is able to detect the virus, it slows different option to remove it. Anti-virus really helps your computer be free from computer viruses.

Q: Does replacing HDD makes computer faster?

A: Yes, it does. Since HDD has wheel inside it, which gets bad after certain spins. So its always good to replace Hard drive if its old.

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