Data Backup Service

Data backup solutions by Geeks Stop, Irving, Texas

Geeks Stop is an all in one IT service company providing professional services to residents of DallasFort Worth metroplex. Geeks Stop has been providing quality services to all of it’s clients. In order to serve our clients with fast affordable services, we have managed all necessary resources together, from skills and technology, to the ability of our team. Whether you require monthly Managed IT services plan or you prefer services for your hardware and software, we provide access to a skilled team of technicians to fulfill all your needs at one place. This includes Microsoft Certified IT professionals, Apple Certified Mac and IOS Technicians and CompTIA certified experts. Geeks Stop is a professional and trusted IT solutions for all your needs, dedicated to providing exceptional service to individuals, businesses, schools and hospitals in the DFW area.


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Data Backup Service

  • Complete Data backup service
  • Time Machine backup setup.
  • Auto backup pictures
  • automatic backup and restore.
  • Wireless backup.
  • Large data backup.
  • Business data backup service
  • Local data backup service
  • Remote data backup service
  • Data recovery with data backup service
  • Data snapshots services
  • Data backup regulatory requirement
  • Speed to restore by data backup services
  • private cloud data backup services
  • public cloud data backup services
  • protection from local disasters with backup services
  • recover from data loss

Date Storage Solutions by Geeks Stop, Irving, Texas

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At Geeks Stop, we provide in house backup setup service for your home along with businesses. Have you ever worried about your precious data? what would happen if you lost all your customers contact and case information and have to start all over again? A simple backup solution can help you to avoid all this mess and get your data restored without loosing anything in no time. We can also provide free consulting service for individuals to exactly know what kind of backup setup will be appropriate for you. We also provide home service to set everything ready at your place.

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Whatever your requirements, we can set up a backup plan for you right away and protect your data from threats like ransomware, natural disasters, accidental damages. We can backup your data in a local time machine or a personal cloud, it depends on your requirements and your data volume. Give us a call today to avoid data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to setup data backup services ? 

A: The price depends on how much storage you want and what kind of device you want to use. Call us with more details or sign up for free consulting about backup plans.

Q: I have all my data on one cloud and want to transfer everything to in-house backup drive. Do you provide this service?

A: Yes, we provide cloud data migration service as per client’s request.

Q: Is it safe to use cloud storage instead of in-house backup? 

A: Yes, it is safe to use cloud storage since all your data stays encrypted unless you need them. However, there might remains certain threats about data privacy in cloud as compared to your in-house backup.

Q: Can I add more storage on backup plan I have ?

A: Yes, you can increase your storage anytime on at you in-home backup plan you have. However, if you have maximum capacity disk drive on your backup device, you might need to switch to another device or platform.

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