Best Place For Computer Repair in Irving

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GeeksStop (469) 616-3484

Its You Who Can Decide , Who Can Repair Your Device, But Its We Who Can Guarantee Excellent Service, and Satisfaction With Every Repair!!

We are proving best computer repair service in Irving in terms of both service and money. We have more than 10 years experienced technicians who can help with your laptop, computer, iPhone, iPad, and iWatch.

What Provide Following Services:

  1. High Quality Battery Replacement
  2. High Quality Screen Replacement
  3. High Quality Hard Disk  Drive Replacement
  4. High Quality SSD Upgrade
  5. High Quality RAM Replacement
  6. High Quality RAM Upgrade
  7. Complete Virus Removal and Quarantine
  8. Diagnostic and Fix of Complicated Issues.
  9. Computer or Laptop not Turning on After liquid Damage
  10. Laptop or Computer Water Spill

Note- We provide all options for repair before we do actual repair. Customer satisfaction is our first priority so we always care about good service. Call us to get free counseling from our experts.

Q. Which one is the best place to repair computer in Dallas?

According to customer, we have been providing best customer service and customer repair service in Irving.

Q. MY Computer is not turning on. How can I fix it?

 Computer doesn’t turn on because of several reasons. Some of the reason may be bad battery,  bad power adaptor, bad power supply, or bad logic board. The best thing you can try when  your computer does not turn is, check if power cord  is connect properly or not, charge your computer with good known power chord, if you have new battery available then try to use different battery.

Q. My screen is giving blue screen with error code on it. It says computer is trying auto repair but the problem is same. What is the reason?

The problem you described is called blue screen of death or stop error. This is caused mostly because of error in Windows OS or missing boot files. It may also be caused by corrupted hard drive, RAM error, Graphics failure .

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