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It’s You Who Can Decide, Who Can Repair Your Device, But Its We Who Can Guarantee Excellent Service and Satisfaction With Every Repair!!

Our Technicians have been providing excellent service in Dallas for over 10 years. We have been providing our best services in PC Repair, Laptop Repair, Computer Repair, iPhone repair, and iPad Repair.

We are recognized as the best PC repair shop because of our excellent repair service and best customer service.

Our Qualities to Make Best PC Repair Shop Includes:

  • Best PC Repair Shop For Making Your Computer Run Faster
  • Best PC Repair Shop For Hard Drive  Replacement
  • Best PC Repair Shop to Upgrade RAM
  • Best PC Repair Shop to Repair LCD and Screen
  • Best PC Repair Shop to Fix liquid or Water Damage Issue
  • Best PC Repair Shop to Fix Laptop
  • Best PC Repair Shop to Fix PC
  • Best PC Repair Shop to Remove Virus

Q. My computer is giving sound. Is this unusual or normal?

    – A Computer normally doesn’t give any sound when you turn it on. If your computer is giving sound then it means something is wrong with your computer. Based on the type of sound, it can be a hard drive crash, RAM failure, broken fan, or something bad. The wise decision, in this case, is to show your laptop to the repair center as soon as possible otherwise you might lose your all data from a hard drive if it is because of bad hard drive.

Q. Water, wine or some liquid spilled on my keyboard now it is not turning on. What should I do to Fix It?

– When water spills on your keyboard then you should follow the following steps to minimize chances of Damage.

  1. Immediately take your laptop out from the water source.
  2. If possible disconnect batter.
  3. Dry water or liquid if any visible with an absorbent like paper towel, towel, toilet paper.
  4. Turn your laptop upside-down and let it dry for about 5-7 hours in the sun.
  5. Until this time, do no try to connect your laptop to a power source.
  6. After 5-7 hours of sundry try to turn on your laptop, but do not connect it to a power source.
  7. If it doesn’t turn on then take it to the repair center as soon as possible. The more delay you make to take it to a repair center the fewer chances will be there to get it fixed.

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