Battery Replacement

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Are you tired of taking your PC to repair shop every time? Does your program take longer than usual to load? Does your computer take extra time to boot up? Is your computer vulnerable to viruses? Did you lose your important data from your PC recently? Do you want to upgrade your Storage capacity? Remember us if one of these question sounds familiar! We will be more than happy to help you. We have years of experience solving issues mentioned above. Few things that we do almost every day are Virus and Spyware Removal, Antivirus Installation, PC Tune-Up, Operating System Configuration, Hard drive to SSD Upgrades, Custom Gaming Pc, Data Migration, Data Backups and recovery, Laptop Screen Repair, Hardware Installation, Memory Upgrade, Software Installation. Quick and affordable PC repair service in DFW area. We help you fix any issue with your PC.


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Battery Replacement

    • Laptop Battery Replacement.
    • Slow Charging Battery Replacement.
    • Old Laptop Battery Replacement.
    • Quick Power Draining Laptop Battery Replacement.
    • Used Laptop Battery Replacement.
    • Portable Macro Computer Battery Replacement.
    • Power issue Laptop Battery Replacement.
    • Cheap and Affordable Battery Replacement service.
    • Not charging laptop Battery Replacement.

Battery Replacement

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Bothered with slow charging battery, hot battery, randomly lowering charge, swollen battery or any other battery problems? We provide all types of battery service. All brands, all models we work on any device.

Some of the symptoms you need battery replacement:

  • Laptop works only when charger is plugged in
  • Too Hot battey
  • Swinging Charge
  • Fast discharging battery
  • Swollen battery
  • Slow charging  battery
  • Physical damage
  • Large Battery Cycle
  • plugged in not charging

Battery Replacement Geeksstop

We provide software and hardware services for all kinds of desktop and laptop computers. We can fix most device on same day. Let us know what issues you have with your computer and we will be right on it. We will keep you updated about the repair process. Some of the things we do almost every day are virus removal, anti-virus installation, password removal, installing Hard Disk Drive & Solid-State Drive, data migration, data recovery, Operating System installation and upgrades, memory upgrade. Fastest computer repair service in Dallas Fort Worth area. We are more than happy to help you with any kind of computer services.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My laptop charges quick and drains battery quicker than that. Do I need to replace the battery?
A: Yes, this is the common issue one gets when the battery runs more cycle than its limit. You do need to replace the battery to resolve this issue.

Q: My battery Does not takes charge while connecting to DC port? What is the issue?
A: If you are sure you do not have bad charger, the issue might be the DC port itself or the battery. We need to replace one of these component to fix the issue.

Q: How many cycle can my battery go up to ?
A: Your battery can go more than 1500 complete cycles. However, if its more than 1000 complete cycles. You might need to replace it to get best performance from it.

Q: How can I know if my laptop battery is damaged ?
A: You can run battery test on diagnostics and component test. Also you can check for number of complete charge in your battery.

Q: Is it good idea to plug laptop in charger all the time ?
A: lithium-based battery does not allow to get power in once it is fully charged. There won’t be any issue plugging in your laptop in charger all the time.

Q: How long should an laptop battery last ?
A: laptop computer battery should last around two to four years depending on the battery type.

Q: Can I use my laptop battery till it dies?
A: It is not good to let your battery discharge no more than 20 percent.

Q: Should I connect my laptop to charger while gaming?
A: Since, more charge is drained while gaming. So, it is good idea to plug in to charger while gaming.

Q:How much does it cost to replace a laptop battery?
A: It really depends what kind of laptop you have and what model battery it takes. Price may vary from $50 – $300 for battery replacement depending on the brand and model.

Q: How do I know that I need to replace my battery ?
A: You might need to replace battery if you see some of these symptoms:

    • Plugged in not charging
    • Laptop works only when charger is plugged in
    • Too Hot battery
    • Swinging Charge
    • Fast discharging battery
    • Swollen battery
    • Slow charging battery
    • Physical damage
    • Large Battery Cycle
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