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Windows Blue Screen of Death

Laptop or Desktop computer running Windows OS can go into a problem where it Windows can’t boot normally where it shows blue or black screen with an error message, “Automatic repair couldn’t repair your Windows 10. To fix this issue computer itself have built in diagnostic tool. However, in most of case this feature doesn’t help at all. Your computer might restart for many times but problem would be still original. In that case you need to proceed with alternative solutions.

You can find this automatic repair couldn’t repair your Windows 10 error message on  any model or make of computer. You can see this error on HP, Lenovo, Dell, Gateway, Microsoft, Samsung, or other brands running windows 10. If you get this type of error then first thing you should do is to make sure you back up  your data.

What are the common causes of Blue screen of death or error message, Automatic repair couldn’t repair your Pc?

  1. Overheating Components
  2. Problematic BIOS Settings
  3. Hard Disk Drive Faults.
  4. Bad Memory
  5. Hardware Conflicts

What we can do?

We will help to figure out and solve black or blue screen of death problem. We will figure out the exact cause and apply solution accordingly. If overheating is causing this issue then we will figure out which component is broken and causing over heating then we will replace or repair that component. If OS is missing necessary file to boot up the we will repair OS, if your hard drive is bad then we will suggest best solutions for this, if problem is because of hardware conflict then we will figure out which hardware component is causing conflict then we will replace that component. Our experts will help to fix problem this problem at minimum cost and at fastest way.

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