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Geeks Stop is an IT company providing services to individuals, business, schools, and hospitals in DFW. We have been helping residents of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with their IT problems, ensuring fast and quality services such as laptop repairs, data recovery, hardware and software restoration, and office IT services. Our passion for technology makes us different from other technicians, we love what we do. Geeks Stop will come directly to your home or office to provide quick and convenient services at an affordable price. Some of the common services that we provide our customers are hard disk drive upgrade for faster laptop experience, virus removal and antivirus installation for secure computing, data recovery, migration services and all kinds of computer and cellphone repairs. If you have any concerns and questions about your computer or cellphone, feel free to contact us through phone, online or pay us a visit at our nearest location. We are located in the DFW area. We offer services on your computers and cellphones the same day, next day, after hours, and on business days.

Bring your device to the store and we will provide our same-day repair service. Don’t have the time to come to the store? Book a home appointment and we will come to your place of business or home.


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Automated Backup Solution

  • Automated cloud storage solution.
  • Automated cloud data migration services.
  • Automated cloud usage consulting services.
  • Buy automated cloud storage.
  • Automated cloud backup and restore solution.
  • Automated cloud backup and restore end user training.
  • Automated external drive backup setup.
  • Automated time machine backup setup.
  • Pictures backup automated solution.
  • Office data automated backup.
  • Automated wireless backup.
  • Automated large data backup.
  • Internet data backup service.
  • Automated cloud storage managed service.

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Automated backup helps protect data from unpredicted crash of system or storage device. External HDD/SSD or cloud backup can be used as automated backup media to protect data from unwanted loss. Different softwares are used on top of storage media to make automated backup of data. Cloud backup is more beneficial as compared to external HDD/SSD since it ensures proper management of data in cloud. By using automated backup service user need not spend more time in copying data to storage device.

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We also offer services to Small Businesses, School and Medical Instutions. Our services include Network Setup and Monitoring, Server Configuration and Maintenance, Penetration Testing, Cloud Services, Microsoft Office 365, Advance Threat Protection and Software Deployment. We have highly skilled technicians and certified experts to determine your individual needs and provide complete IT services to your Organization. Our leaders and senior techs have decades of experince in providing Business IT support.

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Express Service

We have a turnaround time of less than a business day in most cases. We have done it for a long time and are prepared to do it again.

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Wide Ranging Skills

Whether you need a quick laptop battery replacement or a total network design and server services, We have got it all. If there is any problem we can’t solve, we know who to contact to get it done.

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We are dedicated and committed to keep the critical information organized to ensure fast resolution of problems and to get things done right the first time. We practice great documentation methods for organization and efficiency.

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Privacy & Security

We take data privacy very seriously. We educate our team and our clients on cyber Security and data privacy. We don’t store your data in anyway ( unless requested by client).

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Our goal is to keep our clients in the sync with the work, we provide regular update to our clients on the work we are performing.

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Expert Staff

Our Staffs are highly certified and experienced. Our senior staffs have decades of experience solving a wide range of Technological issues.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to set up automated in house backup? 

A: The price depends on how much storage you want and what kind of device you want to use. Call us with more details or sign up for free consulting about backup plans.

Q: I have all my data on one cloud and want to transfer everything to in-house backup drive automatically. Do you provide this service?

A: Yes, we provide cloud data migration service as per client’s request. If you want to move your data from cloud to your home to secure your data and keep it within your reach, will be much happy to help you.

Q: Is it safe to use cloud storage instead of in-house backup? 

A: It’s always great idea to keep you data in house to have a peace of mind and stay worry free from data breaches and hacks.

Q: Can I add more storage on the automated in-home backup plan I have ?

A: Yes, you can increase your storage anytime on at you in-home backup plan you have if your device supports upgrade.

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