Apple iPhone Screen Repair Irving

iphone screen repair irving

iPhone Screen repair is one of the our most busy job of a day. We do iPhone screen repair in just 15 minutes. With every repair we provide 90 days warranty. 

Following are the most common problems in iPhone 7.

  1. iPhone Screen repair
  2. iPhone Battery replacement
  3. iPhone Not Charging
  4. iPhone Not Turning On
  5. iPhone Liquid or Water damage
  6. iPhone Locked
  7. iPhone Not Holding Power
  8.  iPhone Home Button Not Working
  9. iPhone Data Recovery
  10. iPhone iTune Problem
  11. iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo
  12. iPhone Touch Not Working and more…

We provide one day iPhone repair service for most of the problems.

Why should you choose us?

  1. For High Quality iPhone Screen Repair in Irving
  2. For High Quality Service With Experienced Technician in Irving
  3. For Fast and Reliable Service in Irving
  4. For Comparatively Cheaper iPhone Screen Repair in Irving.
  5. For Long Time Warranty Service in Each Replaced Part.

How to Solve Common iPhone Problems

  1. How to Fix iPhone Not Turning on Problem?

                  If your iPhone is not turning on then the first thing you can try is to charge your iPhone with different charger. Sometimes, there is not  charge in iPhone and when you charge your iPhone with broken charger, it does not turn device on. So, if you try to charge with good well known charger then it might help it to turn on. If this method doesn’t fix your problem then next thing you can do is to clean charging port with a thing stick and cotton piece. If this did’t help you either then next thing to fix charging is to open iPhone and check if any internal components are burnt  out or damaged. If you need help with iPhone charging port, Geeks Stop’s technicians can help you best. Call us at 469-616-3484 Irving Texas.

2. How to Take iPhone 7 in DFU mode?

Some time your may need to take your iPhone into DFU mode. Most commonly iPhone is taken into DFU mode when when iPhone need to be factory reset, when you forget your password and iPhone need to be reset, When your are selling or giving your iPhone to someone and you wan’t delete all the data and settings. Sometimes taking iPhone to DFU mode can help you to fix difficult software issues.

3. How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Apple Logo?

       If  your iPhone stuck in apple logo and if you are not able to move back or further and you try to restart it but problem is same then you should try to take your iPhone into DFU mode then reset it. Be careful this method will erase all the content and settings in your iPhone. If  you don’t have back up for your data then you should avoid doing this process unless you don’t care about loosing data. If you need any help with this contact Geeks Stop.

4. How to Back up only photos, Messages, and contacts in iCloud in iPhone?

You might want to back up only photos, messages, and contacts into iCloud to make sure even your iPhone lost or break down you can still access your data from iCloud. This is one of the most smart way to care about data in your iPhone. To back up your data into iCloud you iPhone must be connect to iCloud. Then open settings  on you iPhone, Click iCloud, then check what you want to back up into iCloud, and uncheck what you don;t want into iCloud.

5. How to Fix iPhone Dropped in liquid Problems.

  If your iPhone drops into liquid then first of all take it our of liquid and clean any visible liquid on it surface. Leave it sun dry, until it dry completely. After your are sure that it is dried after 6-7 hours of complete sun dry. Try to turn it on. If it doesn’t turn on then take it to the nearest repair center. We will be happy to help you with this, if you live in Dallas area.

6. What to do if my iPhone glass breaks?

iPhone screen broken or screen cracked problem is the most common iPhone problem. Most of the iPhone screen are very delicate that with a slight fall, it can break. One of the logical thing you can do is to get good screen protector on it. Believe me, With in 2 your of your iPhone use you can save more than 200 dollars by preventing  screen crack or break.

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